Elixir  Vitae Spa - Where the Body And Mind Connect As One
therapeutic massage     Welcome to Elixir Vitae Spa, where we honor the art and healing qualities of the massage ritual as a part of the vital remedies essential for a pain free, well balanced  life. Here, we breathe the essence of serenity and well being. We offer a sanctuary in which to reflect and reconnect with who we truly are, a space to open our hearts and to celebrate the journey of blissful living. Our greatest gift, perhaps, lies in the profound sense of balance and connectedness, which transcend through the warmth of healing touch. Every guest of  Elixir Vitae is honored as a sacred individual. We offer our awareness and are rewarded by the impact we have on your, and your loved ones' lives.
    Alleviate the pain by inviting the healing touch. Reconnect with your body by awakening your senses. Enrich your life and ease your mind. Explore the sacred Elixir of Life phenomenon.