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-STRESS    MANAGEMENT   MASSAGES :                  

This upgraded Swedish massage is our guests' favorite indulgence. It is designed for ultimate relaxation and pampering. The long, gliding and soothing strokes can be applied with light, medium or firm pressure. This therapy incorporates an aromatic pillow for your eyes, a heated pillow for your neck and back, aromatherapy experience, facial acupressure and massage, relaxing scalp treatment  and circulation boosting, warm towel foot reflexology , all  for your ultimate Elixir Vitae Spa experience.
60 min-$79  80 min-$98
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Deep Tissue Massage is a slow, deep, flowing massage, involving skillful hand movements with deep pressure. This therapeutic massage focuses on the deep layers of muscle and connective tissue to help restore balance and integrity to the body, relieves pain and unlocks tension. It is a great  treatment  for pre or post workouts, and is ideal for those who like to get straight to the point. This therapy incorporates an aromatic pillow for your eyes, a heated pillow for your neck and back, aromatherapy experience, facial acupressure, scalp  and foot massage, all for your ultimate spa experience.
60 min-$89  80 min-$108
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Therapeutic Fusion Massage is a combination of deep tissue, trigger point and medical massage therapy to treat chronic pain, muscle tension and injuries. This style of massage  is very deep and site specific, honing in on points of muscular stagnation. The recipient actively participates through deep breathing and identifies the precise location and intensity of the discomfort. The benefits of Therapeutic Fusion Massage are releasing constricted areas in  muscles allowing for the proper blood flow and nerve functions in that area, alleviating pain and increasing range of motion.
Client could experience feeling worst after the first treatment, due to some dormant problems coming to the surface. Everyone's experience is different. This therapy requires at least three fallow-up appointments weekly and patient's cooperation for best results.
60 min-$97   80 min-$117
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