Elixir  Vitae Spa - Where the Body And Mind Connect As One
    1.  At Elixir Vitae Spa, our clients have the luxury to book and control their own appointments.
        By clicking the book now button below, you can  easily design your next massage experience.    
   2.  If you have a  Living Social coupon  please provide us with the
         13 digit voucher barcode number  and the expiration date. Please note that  
        these discount deals are for one time/first time clients only. Once a client has received services at 
         Elixir Vitae, he should no longer purchase these deals in the future.  
   3.  Please, read our 24 hour cancellation policy.
       All vouchers are redeemed  24 hours before appointments due to our 24 hour policy.
   4.  Spa tipping is customary, and is a big part of your therapist's earnings. Spa tipping is usually
        15-20% of the amount of the  spa treatment before discounts or deductions.
        We hope you'll enjoy our services, and thank you  for your gratitude.
   5. Please Enjoy :) 
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